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We will create a tailor-made website for you in WordPress, Wix editor, or in another selected platform upon agreement. We will create your website quickly and with high quality according to your specifications. There is also regular consultation  including complete reports.

Web design

  • Your idea of the composition of the website and the presentation of your project / company

  • joint site goal setting and initial brainstorming

  • we will create a website for you according to the set goals and structures in the fastest possible time

  • the site will be design-attractive in terms of quality SEO

  • The composition of the page will be designed to be as relevant as possible to your target customer segment

  • we will provide training for the responsible representative of your company in web management


  • web traffic reports (according to all available metrics)

  • evaluation of advertising campaigns

  • Create current reports of relevant keywords

  • overall evaluation of the site according to the original goals


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